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About Peachtree Awnings

We got into the Atlanta custom awning business because we like to see people smile. We are fortunate to be in a business where there is immediate gratification. There is nothing more enjoyable than to bring your creative dreams to reality with a beautiful custom Peachtree Awning.

We know that our business relies on the people that we serve. We encourage clear communication from the project start to its completion.

To ensure we’re producing high-quality products to our customers, we’ve added a state-of-the-art powder coating facility at our location. For more information, please visit Peachtree Powder Coating.


Atlanta Bread storefront with awnings

Over 15 Years of Experience

Since our start, we have installed hundreds of top quality industry-leading Georgia commercial awnings and Georgia residential awnings.

The Atlanta area is expanding in all directions. New commercial and residential building remains strong and the remodeling and home improvement portion of the trade is stronger than ever. We knew that with this type of growth people are going to be looking for something different to identify their business, product or personal lifestyle. Peachtree Awnings is here to satisfy that need.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Products or Request a Quote.