Drop Screens

Extend Your Useable Outdoor Space

Extend your exterior space by adding drop screens to a pre-existing awning or porch, or installing them with a new awning! At Peachtree Awnings, we design and install custom drop screens for both commercial and residential purposes. Drop screens allow you to enclose your space to keep the temperature cooler and protect you from the rain or harmful UV rays no matter what time of day it is. When not in use, our screens are easily hidden.

Additional features of our drop screens can include: Property

  • Manual or motorized raising system
  • Blackout feature to prevent all light from entering the space
  • Heavy-duty ZIP side channels to protect your home from insects and weather (wind tunnel tested up to 90 mph!)

At Peachtree Awnings, our drop screens come in a variety of fabric colors and high-quality weaves. Our expert team will help you decide on the ideal weave pattern for your desired visibility and UV protection. For more information, or to get a drop screen installed by our Atlanta awnings and canopies company today, call us at (770) 409-8372!

Why Choose Us?

  • Hundreds of Installs to Date
  • Custom Designs
  • Block Direct Sunlight
  • Keep Rooms up to 15 Degrees Cooler
  • UV Protection, Cover Outdoor Patio Space
  • Protects Patios, Walkways & Entrances from the Elements
  • Welded Seams